To be a world class IT Company that proactively uses technology to simplify highly technical business...

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To break information and communication boundaries through digitization: focusing on VoIP telephony...

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Our Story

Since 2017, we have helped businesses setup call centers at their premises, relieved pain staking tele customer...

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Find out how Hi-Deas offering can help you achieve your business goals; turn your company into an intelligent enterprise with trends in digital transformation.

Hi-Deas delivers world class solutions to helping growing companies from micro, small, medium to large enterprises, in achieving digital transformations.

For Micro and small businesses

  • IVR systems
  • CRM with call dialer
  • Security Surveillance
  • Local Area Network Setup
  • Office Intercom
  • Computer and Printer Setup

For Medium Businesses

  • Call center setup
  • Call center BPO
  • CRM with call dialer
  • Security surveillance
  • Computer setup; Network infrastructures and services
  • Structured cabling for data centers
  • Office intercom

For large Enterprises

  • Call center setup
  • Call center BPO
  • Security surveillance
  • Networks infrastructures, and services
  • Computer setup, and server management
  • Data center setup
  • Office telephony (intercom)
  • Workflow Automation
  • Better IT management services
  • Document scanning and management

- We break information and communication boundaries,
automate business processes and sales -

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