IVR Systems and Services

Hi-Deas specializes in automatic phone technology including interactive voice response (IVR) phones and voice blasting services. Whether your organization needs to purchase an IVR system for inbound advertisement, voice prompts and auto attendant or subscribe for voice blasting service for outbound direct sales and marketing campaign; Hi-Deas can develop a custom IVR solution that meets your phone answering requirements.

Hi-Deas provides custom IVR systems for any size of organization-small, medium and large. We deliver with the latest technology, including custom voicing for customer satisfaction surveys and advertisements at competitive rates and with a lightning-fast turnaround. We work with you to create script, and record adequate voice for your company-specific prompts using human and artificial voice talent in our state of the art studio facility. For custom auto attendants, voice prompts and custom IVR application development services. Hi-Deas experienced development team can design, program, test and install your phone application quickly and have it in place within a short period of time.

Hi-Deas Voice Blasting system is an automated outbound voice messaging service that delivers pre recorded voice messages to an entire contact list or a segmented list of your choice. Voice Blasting improves business efficiency and revenue.

How Can Voice Blasting Improve My Business?
  • Communicate with an entire contact list
  • Announce new products or services
  • Send emergency alerts
  • Send voice messages with & “Press-1-Now” campaigns for customers to pay bills through phone
  • Relay company information and alerts to employees in large organizations
  • Create surveys and polls with phone trees with recorded telephone messages
Voice Blasting Services

i. Emergency Calls
Are you behind schedule or deadline to call a long list of contacts for an event, training, church program, invites, or urgent messaging, and you expect to make a quick decision after you see reports. Then this offer is for you. Our emergency calling is an automatic call that delivers prerecorded massage to a large contact list, up to unlimited active contacts. See package for details.

ii. Polls and Surveys
This allows you to ask the called party a series of questions for which the called party responds via touchtone. You can lead them to different messages based on the touch tone's they select. To learn more on polls and survey click here.

iii. Live Transfers
This is suitable for telemarketing departments; we set the system to ask the called party to press a touchtone, such as 1, in order to transfer the call to an agent for further discussion. When they press the touchtone they listen to music on hold or a message while the call is being transferred. To learn more on live transfers click here.

iv. Mass Marketing
On this offer we simply play a message to the called party and then hang up. You can also choose to leave a text message in the form of sms for the caller after the pre recorded audio message has ended. To learn more about mass notification click here.


If you have an IVR application that needs to be developed or hosted for a call center, please contact us by submitting
your requirements online through our IVR Registration form.